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Embroidery is a passion that I love to pass down. The techniques, the materials and the stories behind the world’s many embroidery methods fascinate me immensely. In my embroidery classes I teach you all about them, no matter if you choose an authentic Flemish technique or one of the techniques I’ve mastered in India.

Browse the course offerings below, follow one of my workshops or contact me if you’re in search of something else. Want to learn a different embroidery style, master some basic stitch techniques or finish your own embroidery project under expert guidance? I’d be happy to help.

Embroidery workshops & master classes

I regularly take the embroidery craft beyond my studio. I introduce you to impressive traditions and techniques in my workshops, demonstrations, masterclasses and training courses at key locations such as Modemuseum Hasselt, Momu Antwerp, Syntra Brussels and Syntra Antwerp.

Check out the planned events on my Instagram  or Facebook page.

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