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What is Kutch embroidery?

The complex motifs and techniques of Kutch embroidery are passed down from one generation to the next in India’s Kutch district. Each ethnic group from this region has its own embroidery tradition, and often characterized by small mirrors.

In the embroidery classes, you’ll learn:

  • The correct way to tension textile on an embroidery hoop  
  • How to transfer your design onto fabric
  • How to correctly fasten and tie off the thread in the most invisible way possible
  • Embroidery stitches and techniques needed to embroider an initial
  • How to incorporate mirrors into an embroidery
In this series of lessons you’ll work through one letter from A to Z, in the color combination of your choice.

For advanced students:

You must first follow the introductory course in Kutch embroidery

3 lessons of 3 hours, by appointment

Cost of private lesson series (incl. VAT):

  • 1 person €303
  • 2 people €216.50 per person
  • +2 people: price on request

Included: silk, different kinds of threads, mirrors and stitching needles
Bring your own: scissors, embroidery hoop on stand (Don’t have one yet? You can buy one from me for €49, incl. VAT)

After each lesson, practice is necessary.


Congrats on wanting to learn a new embroidery technique! Simply fill out this form and I’ll contact you ASAP to get you set up.


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