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What is Aari embroidery and Luneville embroidery?

These two embroidery techniques are similar methods of making a chain stitch when embroidering, often incorporating beads and sequins into an embroidery. In both techniques you use a hook, which requires its own action.

When you master one of these techniques, you can more easily embroider designs with beads, sequins or tubes. In addition, they lend themselves to embroidery with different types of thread.

In the embroidery classes, you’ll learn:

  • The correct way to tension textile on an embroidery slate frame
  • How to transfer lines to fabric
  • The difference between the Indian method (Aari work) and the European method (Luneville technique with tambour hook)
  • Embroidery chain stitches with the Luneville method OR the Aari method (you choose which technique you wish to master)
  • How to correctly fasten and tie off the thread
  • How to embroider lines in different directions
Have you mastered the basics? After this introductory course, you can perfect your skills in the Aari work or Luneville embroidery course.

For beginners

3 lessons of 3 hours, by appointment

Cost of private lesson series (incl. VAT):

  • 1 person €383
  • 2 people €297.50 per person
  • +2 people: price on request

Included: hook, embroidery slate frame and cotton
Bring your own: scissors, different colors of stitching thread

After each lesson, practice is necessary.


Congrats on wanting to learn a new embroidery technique! Simply fill out this form and I’ll contact you ASAP to get you set up.


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