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What does this entail?

An introduction to haute couture embroidery. Based on a piece of work, we will review different techniques and embroidery stitches.

In the embroidery classes, you’ll learn:

  • The correct way to tension textile on an embroidery hoop
  • How to transfer your design onto fabric
  • How to correctly fasten and tie off the thread
  • Different embroidery stitches
  • Working with different types of material: floss silk, raffia, sequins, beads and purl

For advanced students:

Those who’ve already mastered the basics of embroidery

5 lessons of 3 hours, by appointment

Cost of private lesson series (incl. VAT):

  • 1 person €492
  • 2 people €349,50 per person
  • +2 people: price on request

Included: fabric, different kinds of thread, pearls, sequins and stitching needle
Bring your own: scissors, embroidery hoop on stand (Don’t have one yet? You can buy one from me for €49, incl. VAT)

After each lesson, practice is necessary.


Congrats on wanting to learn a new embroidery technique! Simply fill out this form and I’ll contact you ASAP to get you set up.


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