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I embroider it all with love for the craft, respect for embroidery traditions and passion for contemporary fashion and style.

With great dedication I bring your designs to life. Or would you rather choose one of my own artistic embroideries?

Commissioned embroidery

Are you a designer (fashion designer, jewelry designer, etc. ) and interested in enriching a creation with virtuoso embroidery? As a professional embroiderer specialized in gold embroidery, Aari embroidery and broderie d’art, and trained by specialists locally and abroad, I make it happen for you.

Haute couture embroiderer

The countless styles and techniques of the age-old embroidery craft are experiencing a justified revival in contemporary fashion and haute couture.

I’ve mastered many techniques to include Indian Aari and Kutch embroidery, as well as my own techniques of gold embroidery and broderie d’art. I can also embroider your designs with sequins, beads and feathers, for example using the Lunéville technique (perlage de Lunéville).

Looking forward to hearing about your project so we can discuss a possible collaboration.

Private customer

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Private customer

This brooch is a unique piece commissioned by a private customer. I made this gold embroidery with metal thread, purl, pearl purl, pearl, decorative thread and gold leather.


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This collar in gold embroidery was made for the Belgian fashion brand Lilirooz. A cotton collar decorated with metal thread, metal plate, purl and beads.

Sébastien Vandekerckhove

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Sébastien Vandekerckhove

On this second-hand leather jacket I appliquéd an embroidery with Aari work on cotton. An assignment by jewelry designer Sébastien Vandekerckhove with metal thread, metal plate, beads, floss silk, sequins and gilt plates.

Sébastien Vandekerckhove

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Sébastien Vandekerckhove

For jewelry designer Sébastien Vandekerckhove I embroidered a design in the Aari technique on silk organza, after which I appliquéd it on a second-hand leather jacket. In the embroidery with metal thread I incorporated beads and gilt plates.

Photo Jan Jorre, model Emma L.

Embroidery art

Looking for a special piece of art or want to surprise someone with an exceptional handmade gift? Then consider embroidery art.

Choose from my insect collection or initials, or have a unique custom embroidery made.

Hand embroidered insects

Insects are buzzing, crawling and flying all around us. But due to their small size, we hardly notice their colorful splendor. With this series of embroidery artworks, I’m working to change that. Using close-up photos, I transform their fascinating color palette and structure into gold embroidery that combines different techniques and materials.

Let these tiny, but indispensable creatures shine in your interior with a unique embroidery artwork. Or give one as a special present…

An embroidered initial

The first letter of their name, beautifully decorated. A most touching gesture to show someone just how special they are to you.

Give a highly personalized gift or original birthday present, completely hand embroidered.

I embroider what you want

A hand-embroidered insect with an initial? The full name of a loved one, embroidered with luxurious metal thread and finished with fine beads? A unique brooch?

Whatever you have in mind, I’m happy to explore the possibilities.

At your request, I adjust the design of an embroidered insect. For example, I can add initials or use other embroidery techniques and materials. Here you see a gold embroidery on cotton velvet. The price of the embroidery art depends on the materials, techniques and size you choose.

The name of your choice in gold embroidery on silk. Together we choose the design and techniques you like best. The price of the embroidery is also dependent on this.

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